Hair removal

Click Pen / Twist Pen

Fitted with an innovative precision applicator, the wax Click Pen is ideal for facial hair removal. Easy to use, with no heating required, it is suitable for all skin types and hair, even very short hair. It gives perfect results that last up to 4 weeks. Dermatologically tested. *Test carried out at room temperature equal […]

Lightening cream

Achieve effective, gentle, long-lasting and natural hair lightening results to disguise facial and body hair you don’t wish to remove.

Hair removal gel

Innovative hair removal gel to remove hair easily and painlessly, providing a refreshing experience and giving longer-lasting results than with a razor.

Hair removal mousse

As well as providing easy, quick and painless hair removal results, hair removal mousse also has a unique and exceptional application.

Hair removal cream

The hair removal creams offer easy, quick and painless hair removal. We offer a wide range of customised (colour, extracts, scents) formats adapted to the type of hair (fine or coarse). We have a versatility of formats.

Warm wax

Wide range of water-soluble wax formulas that can be customised to suit your needs (colour, extracts, scents) and which allow smooth and natural hair removal. Formulated with sugars, our range of warm waxes can be used on any area of the body.

Professional wax

Wide range of liposoluble wax formulas that can be customised to suit your needs (colour, extracts, scents) and which heat up quickly in the microwave. The wax melts at low temperature to avoid the risk of burns and does not need strips for its use. Easy to use, the wax is suitable for all types […]

Wax strips

Wax strips developed for all types of hair (short, fine or coarse), which give perfect, long-lasting results. Our products are adapted to women, men and adolescents, as well as to the demands of the climate of each geographical area.