Committed to
the environment

We want to continue our path of improvement and growth but we also want to leave a better world than the one we inherited.

Throughout the history of our company we have been transforming ourselves into what we are today. This path has helped us to understand the importance of the environment we live in. We want to continue our path of improvement and growth, but at the same time leave a better world than the one we inherited. To achieve this, we have set about strengthening our corporate culture by embracing Corporate Social Responsibility.

This is a further step towards consolidating our commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility as a transversal project, in line with the philosophy and values that have defined VIOKOX since we started out in 1987.

Energy efficiency in our facilities

Our new facilities enable us to improve our energy efficiency

  • Reduction of energy consumption through the use of presence sensors, LED lights and a programmed automatic air-conditioning system.
  • We adapt production methods and processes, adjusting the production parameters, avoiding reprocessing, and reducing production times.
  • We limit format changes and increase batch sizes to avoid waste and inefficient changes.
  • Automatic reactor and line cleaning system that optimises cleaning and minimises the waste generated.

Waste management

We have a system for controlling, managing. and minimising the waste generated by our activity. We work to generate the least amount of waste possible, as our maxim is to reduce, reuse and recycle.

We carry out selective waste management based on the nature of the waste, and work with a wide range of authorised waste managers.


We look for sustainable, more efficient, clean and environmentally-friendly packaging.


We work with packs made from FSC or PEFC material, complying with regulations that ensure that the cardboard comes from forests managed with respect for people and nature. Furthermore, all our outer boxes are made of 100% recycled cardboard.


Sustainability is one of our priorities when selecting packaging. We are committed to increasing the degree of recyclability of each product and to reducing plastic and/or material.


We develop formulas that respect the skin and the environment

Naturalness: We have natural formulations and products with a high percentage of natural ingredients that comply with the strict standards of natural cosmetics (ISO 16128), as well as products with COSMOS certification.

Ingredients:  We have RSPO certification that guarantees that only sustainable palm oil is used.

Animal friendly: We respect animals, which is why none of our products are tested on them.

Vegan formulas: Our products do not contain any ingredients of animal origin.

Occupational Risk Prevention

All staff, regardless of their position in the organisation, receive training (initial and periodic) on Occupational Risk Prevention.

The training is provided internally, and externally by the External Risk Prevention Service. In addition, each position has a health and safety and associated risk sheet. All employees are informed of these risks and the corresponding risk-containment measures.


We work with suppliers who are committed to the environment and we promote local business.

At VIOKOX, +74% of purchases in 2019 were made in Spain, and almost 30% in the Valencian Community.

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