We are a strategic ally because we bring:









We are a one-stop supplier and manufacture all our products in-house

Focused on two large product families -skin care and hair removal- we have the most advanced technology and our own regulatory department, which provides consultancy services for the regulation, registration and preparation of cosmetic dossiers.

Our innovative philosophy enables us to design highly competitive ad hoc solutions, by developing tailor-made formulas and packaging, and to offer an extensive range of turnkey products ready for marketing.

Once the product has been placed on the market, and throughout its life cycle, we offer ongoing support to our customers to help ensure the long-lasting success of the project.  “We care about your brand”.


More than 35 years’ experience working on the design, development, production and marketing of a wide portfolio of cosmetics for the mass market with leading international brands and retailers.

Our capacity and versatility have allowed us to develop multiculturally. We are currently present in more than 50 countries.

We find the best solutions to meet the needs of our customers


We actively look for ways in which we can improve, optimise and enhance our technical and technological knowledge and to be pioneers in innovation, by constantly monitoring global trends and new developments in cosmetics.

We have our own R&D+i laboratory with a large and highly qualified team of chemical, biology and pharmaceutical experts.

We develop the manufacturing technology in house. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in a five-year innovation plan: VIP “VIOKOX Innovation Plan”.

Our innovation efforts have been recognised with several awards:

EQA Certification · Innovative SME stamp

Top performance

At VIOKOX we work to ensure that all our products have the maximum efficacy, safety and quality, key factors in the cosmetics we offer. We also guarantee their stability throughout their useful life.

Once we have developed a product, there is still much work to do: we use benchmark techniques and carry out efficacy tests, comparative consumer panels, challenge tests, clinical trials (dermatological use tests), microbiological and physicochemical analyses and extensive stability and compatibility studies.

We continually strive for excellence in order to obtain formulas of the highest quality, which is reflected in excellent cosmetovigilance results.

Industrial capacity

Our production is 100% manufactured in Spain and is centralised in a single plant with a large production capacity, from where we control the entire process.

Our 14,000 m2 of facilities are equipped with the most advanced technology for manufacturing specialised cosmetics, together with the most efficient packaging lines on the market.

Committed to quality

To ensure the highest quality in our products, we have a large and proactive quality-control department, as well as the most rigorous certifications in accordance with national and international standards:

International Featured Standards Household and Personal Care (IFS HPC), British Retail Consortium (BRC), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ISO 22716, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, among others.



Knowledge of the categories

Focused on skin care and hair removal products, we employ the most advanced technology.

International knowledge

Present in more than 50 countries, we are global experts in hair removal.

Brand audit

We offer constant support to our customers to ensure the long-lasting success of the project.

Regulatory department

Consultancy service for the regulation, registration and preparation of cosmetic dossiers.

Continuous innovation

Our own R&D+i laboratory, with a large and highly qualified team of experts.

Winning combination

Our working model provides the solution to meeting market needs.

The expert ally you can trust