Who we are

We have more than 35 years of international experience, working with leading brands and retailers across the globe. We have developed a global business and are leaders in the manufacture of hygiene and cosmetic products thanks to our commitment to innovation, quality and safety, making us a reference for our customers.

Our passion for improvement, a passion that is shared by the entire VIOKOX team, has enabled us over the past 10 years to increase our sales fivefold and to acquire the latest technology in the cosmetics industry.
All our production is centralised in a single plant in Spain, allowing us complete control of the process and to be able to offer our customers the highest standards of safety and quality.

More than 35 years of innovation in the manufacture of cosmetic products

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The company is born

The company is formed by three business partners from the cosmetics sector.


The VIOKOX brand is created


International expansion

We start exporting.


Specialisation in niche products

We specialise in hair removal, intimate hygiene and footcare products.


Strong commitment to quality

We renovate our production facilities to comply with GMPs.


Expansion of facilities

We install new production lines for wax strips and hot wax.


Expansion of warehouses

Construction of a new logistics warehouse.



We become the global leader in the manufacture of hair removal products, manufacturing both waxes and chemicals in our facilities.


30th Anniversary / Fire

During the year of our 30th anniversary a fire broke out which completely destroyed our facilities.
The entire VIOKOX family pulled together and we gave the very best of ourselves, which enabled us to guarantee supply to our customers and, in record time, to acquire new facilities.


Rising from the ashes

In less than a year after the devastating fire at VIOKOX we open our new, modern facilities equipped with the latest technology. This allows us to expand the categories of products we develop and manufacture and to launch our first line of specialised skin care products.


Year of take-off

Consolidation of our Skincare category with the launch of new facial and body ranges. As a result of our commitment to sustainability, we obtained COSMOS certification, approved by the prestigious international organisation ECOCERT. Plant certified to manufacture products classified as personal care products. Implementation of a new glass ampoule packaging line for skin care products.


Resilience and consolidation in the midst of a health crisis

As a result of our flexibility and speed, we adapted to consumer demand by launching a range of skin sanitising products. The facilities were expanded to manufacture ATEX products.



Following compliance with the most demanding national and international certifications, we have acquired the ISO14001 certification.

What drives us

We aspire to be:
  • A leader in the segments in which we operate, through innovation, quality and safety.
  • A trusted reference for our customers, employees and suppliers.
  • An inspiring and extraordinary place in which to work, innovate, develop and be happy.
  • A solvent and solid company.


A family business
A family business

We’re a family business

Sharing the family entrepreneurial spirit means we act proactively, responsibly, courageously, and always as a team. We have close working relationships that are based on trust.


Innovation moves us

Innovation and development are an intrinsic part of our past and our future. Each day offers us the opportunity to improve, optimise and enhance our essence, and this we do by breaking new ground and challenging ourselves to do what it takes to be pioneers.


We’re global

We are global, inclusive, and open-minded. The world is our playing field and boundaries don’t exist for us. We offer our services anywhere in the world.


We act with respect

We always act with honesty, integrity, transparency and the maximum respect for people, society, and the environment. We accept who we are and we’ve learned to manage and respect diversity.


Passion moves us

We have a strong passion for the projects we undertake and we are driven by an internal force to give the best of ourselves. We strive for excellence, we are tenacious, flexible, and quick to overcome obstacles.


We seek happiness

We enjoy the journey, we live in harmony, with kindness, joy, cooperation, and optimism in the face of any adversity. We are positive, optimistic people who want to develop professionally and to be happy.

Our team

Aware that the long-term success of our company is down to our employees, we have a team of highly qualified professionals who ensure compliance with the most demanding standards.

Our goal is to improve each day. We work together with our customers to offer them a wide range of possibilities. For this we have a proactive team of marketing experts, economists, chemists, pharmacists, engineers and commercial team who are highly results-driven and are constantly developing new ideas for products.

The expert ally you can trust