A tour of our facilities


VIOKOX’s strategic priority

Our R&D+i department is becoming more important each year.

Its laboratory of more than 400 m2 is dedicated exclusively to the development of new products, with over 100 formulas launched each year.

By constantly monitoring global trends  we are able to patent new formulas and product concepts,  resulting in an innovation that guarantees our customers the most effective and safest products that meet the latest market demands.


The hallmark of VIOKOX

We have a large team of professionals working in our quality department to ensure that we obtain and comply with the most rigorous quality certificates that we can aspire to as a company.

Manufacturing and packaging

Cutting-edge technology at VIOKOX

Our manufacturing and packaging rooms are equipped with the most advanced technology in the sector, making us a worldwide reference in terms of efficiency and automation.


Capacity adapted to the demands of the industry

Flexible, high-capacity warehouses, fully computerised and ready to meet the demands of the cosmetics industry.


An excellent work environment

Designed to be a comfortable, productive, inspiring and creative workplace, our offices covering 1,400 m2 offer spacious and versatile work spaces, meeting rooms, video conference boxes, a creativity and relaxation room, training room, dining room, coffee break areas, an area for practicing sports, ,  outdoor rest areas, etc.

Different spaces that give our professionals the necessary tools to carry out their work in the best and most pleasant way possible and to develop their full potential.

The expert ally you can trust