Logo Viokox

1. Concept
We work with our customers to define:
  • The formula: texture, active ingredients, organoleptic properties, etc.
  • Strategic positioning: product differentiation.
  • Packaging: type of packaging, shape, capacity, materials, texts, colours, etc.
  • Design: we create or modify the design or simply provide expert advice.
2. Formulation
We formulate the product and carry out all necessary testing to guarantee its safety, performance and legal compliance: microbiological and physical/chemical innocuousness testing and efficiency, stability, and compatibility trials.
3. Production
In adherence with strict pharmaceutical standards, we manufacture and pack the products at our own modern facility, thereby guaranteeing that our services are competitive, flexible and reliable.
4. Monitoring
Once the product is on the market and throughout its life cycle, we offer our entire support to help our clients to ensure that their project has lasting success.
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